Isolation Devices

Explosion isolation systems are designed to detect an explosion in a process vessel, and then create a barrier that reduces the risk of the flame/explosion propagation to other interconnected equipment. Explosion isolation can be applied to vessels that are protected by containment, suppression or venting systems.

High-Speed Isolation Valve

The High-Speed Isolation Valve provides a solution for vital explosion isolation applications. It operates in milliseconds to provide a mechanical barrier within a pipeline.

IsoFlap™ Passive Isolation Valve

The IEP Technologies range of passive isolation flap valves are low cost and reliable explosion isolation solutions which mitigate explosion propagation risks to upstream equipment. These passive isolation solutions are effective, self-actuating devices providing inlet explosion isolation to protected vessels handling combustible dusts such as dust collectors, cyclones, and other process equipment.

VENTEX Passive Isolation - Float Valve

For process equipment mounted outside or close to an outside wall, explosion relief venting is a viable protection method. However, in order to protect the upstream equipment, it is vital that the protection method includes a means to mitigate propagation of flame and burning materials back upstream.

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