IsoFlap Passive Isolation Valve

The IEP Technologies range of passive isolation flap valves are low cost and reliable explosion isolation solutions which mitigate explosion propagation risks to upstream equipment. These passive isolation solutions are effective, self-actuating devices providing inlet explosion isolation to protected vessels handling combustible dust such as dust collectors, cyclones, and other process equipment. Available models include the IsoFlap and IsoFlap-M isolation flap valve. The IsoFlap version is 3rd party certified as a protective system according to EU directive 2014/34/EU (Atex Directive) and is approved for isolation of dust explosions. The IsoFlap-M has integrated monitoring of dust accumulation level in the valve body and the blade position which meets the requirements of OSHA Combustible Dust Directive, NFPA 654, and NFPA 69.

The IsoFlap and IsoFlap-M both have a durable carbon steel valve body and a flap blade of high quality stainless steel alloy. The valve is designed to withstand high maximum reduced explosion pressures (Pred) listed in the specification section below. During operation the flap blade is held open by the process airflow, in case of an explosion the pressure front closes and locks in place the blade, mitigating the propagation of the flame and pressure to the upstream equipment.

Available as an option is the IsoFlap-M Interface Module, a PCB based system monitoring device designed for use with the IsoFlap-M version of the flap valve. The Interface Module includes intrinsically safe barriers for monitoring the IsoFlap-M sensors, provides for process interlock functions, and includes diagnostic and maintenance functions. The Interface Panel operates on either 120 or 230 VAC.

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