Service & Support

Thank you for trusting IEP Technologies to provide your explosion protection solution

As an IEP Customer, you will be part of the IEP Technologies YOU FIRST” customer satisfaction program. This program underscores the entire IEP Technologies organizations commitment to do whatever is necessary to ensure your satisfaction with the investment made in protecting your process and employees. As the world leader in explosion protection, we take great pride in making sure our professionals, and the solutions we provide, exceed your expectations...every time.

A key part of the “YOU FIRST” program is communication, therefore you will be provided with direct telephone number and e-mail address to our CEO, Randy Davis and ask that if you ever feel we are not performing to your expectations on this project that you contact me immediately.

After your project has been completed, we will ask for your feedback via a very brief online customer satisfaction survey. Your input will help us maintain our “YOU FIRST” commitment and enable our team to serve your company better.


System Engineering

IEP Technologies is staffed with a seasoned group of system engineers to design explosion protection solutions for each application. The systems engineers from IEP Technologies use advanced computer modeling tools to help design a solution best suited for each application. Development of customized system drawings, manuals, and after-market support are performed daily by this team of professionals.

Field Service

IEP Technologies has the largest factory field service team in the industry. The field service group provides extensive coverage to support explosion protection installations across the globe. The field service technicians perform initial system checkouts/commissioning, routine system inspections, and emergency service if needed.

Service Centers

Industrial processes must minimize downtime to remain profitable, even in the event of a suppressed explosion. For this reason, IEP Technologies has numerous authorized Service Centers to provide both a local resource for spare parts and 24 hour, 7 days/week emergency response capabilities.

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