Spark Detection and Suppression

Spark Detection

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The Atexon Spark Detection and Extinguishing solution by IEP Technologies is a leading protection option developed in Finland. Atexon-brand spark detection and extinguishing systems have provided protection for over 2,000 industrial processes covering many different industrial sectors that routinely handle explosible dust or powders. Due to the danger of dust explosion, such applications require a very reliable, sensitive and fast detection and extinguishing system. The Atexon Spark Detection and Suppression system can be the ideal choice for many of these demanding applications.

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Spark Detection

Rapid response spark detection and extinguishing systems

Atexon® spark detection and extinguishing systems by IEP Technologies are designed to protect industrial processes by reducing the risk of ignition sources, such as burning embers, from reaching protected equipment. The system detects sparks and extinguishes them automatically without interrupting process operations. The small amount of water extinguishant used, approximately five liters, will greatly limit any interruption to filters or other production machines. Once the ignition source has been mitigated, the system automatically resets to normal operations and is ready to extinguish additional ignition sources.

Advanced Spark Detection Technology


The Atexon® SD300-EX (standard) and SDF300-EX (daylight insensitive) Spark Detectors are designed to detect ignition sources such as hot particles and burning embers, in a conveying path such as a duct, chute, or mechanical conveyor, and signals the Atexon Spark Detection System to initiate a water spray, helping prevent the ignition source from starting a fire or explosion.



EXT Unit

Extinguishing Units

Atexon® by IEP Technologies extinguishing units help prevent dust explosions and fires by automatically extinguishing detected sparks. The EXT11, EXT12, and EXT22 extinguishing units have been designed for pneumatic transport duct systems moving material at very high speeds. Upon detection, a small amount of water is sprayed into the process, extinguishing the hazard without damaging the protected processing equipment. Extinguishing automatically stops a few seconds after the last spark has been detected.

EXT11 / EXT12 / EXT22

AXN4/AXN18/AXN18R Control Panels

The Atexon® spark detection and extinguishing control panel comes equipped with a user-friendly interface, large LCD display, Ethernet-based remote user communication, and enough memory to log thousands of

extinguishing events. Furthermore, the use of serial bus communication throughout the ATEXON® spark detection and extinguishing system reduces both cabling to the AXN control panel and associated installation costs.

AXN4 / AXN18 / AXN18R

Control Panel

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