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Each explosion threat creates a unique challenge. Variables such as explosivity characteristics of the combustible dust or vapor, operating conditions, vessel location and connected ducts can all impact the explosion risks, and influence the decision on the best explosion solution for addressing this threat. IEP Technologies can offer a variety of different explosion protection options, each designed specifically for each application. Since 1950, the four companies that constitute IEP Technologies has installed over 8,000 explosion protection systems that detect and suppress dozens of explosions per year worldwide.

  • Materials Testing

    The IEP Technologies Combustion Research Center using recognized test methods, such as those published by ASTM, U.S. DOT, UN, and others, can conduct testing to determine the combustion properties of your process material.

  • Explosion Protection

    IEP Technologies systems ensure a robust and reliable protection solution - whether minimizing explosion risk or providing fast and effective spark detection systems, IEP’s mission is to meet your needs and eliminate operation interruption.

  • Components

    Whether the best explosion protection solution is suppression, venting or isolation, IEP Technologies offers the right products to meet your needs. Our system components undergo rigorous third-party testing to receive the approvals required by, for example, ATEX and NFPA.

  • Service & Support

    Experienced, reliable support before, during and after the installation of an explosion protection system is critical in the implementation of an explosion protection solution. The depth of the system design engineering and field service support from IEP Technologies is unmatched in the industry.

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