Pneumatic Conveying


Pneumatic conveying systems carry all types and sizes of combustible products, typically with combustible dust or vapor concentration levels sufficient to support combustion. The risk of explosion varies according to product, product concentration and air flow rates.

Although ignition sources such as electrostatic discharge within the ductwork of the conveying system is scarce, these systems tend to transport flames or burning materials generated in other areas of the processing plant. If these ignition sources are allowed to pass uninhibited along the conveying system, an explosion is just waiting to happen.

What is needed is a system capable of detecting and suppressing the ignition source at any point along the route of the pneumatic conveying line.

The Solution

An IEP Technologies Explosion Protection System offers a cost-effective way to guard against the propagation of a fireball from one process to another. This system utilizes either pressure detectors or infra-red detectors at key points along the conveying route. When an ignition occurs, high-rate-discharge (HRD) suppressors apply an explosion suppressant to the hazard area, suppressing the explosion and preventing an impending explosion in adjacent equipment. Reliable IEP Technologies systems are specified for protection of conveying systems carrying everything from coal to food products.

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