The EVN Flameless Vent

Many process vessels are located inside a building or another area where standard explosion venting cannot safely be employed. For these applications, flameless explosion vents may be a the best protection solution. The flameless vent consists of a venting device with an integrated flame arrester. When an explosion occurs, the venting device opens and directs the vented explosion through the flame arrester, where gases are cooled as they pass through the flame arrester material thus preventing flames from being expelled to the surrounding areas. The integrated electronic controls opening detection can be used to keep plant personnel informed of the status of the system.

The functions and benefits of explosion relief valves at a glance:

✔ Internal explosion pressure relief without blast flames or explosion vent ducts
✔ Responds and opens at low pressure setting (0.05 bar standard)
ATEX certified and NFPA compliant
resistance to full vacuum
✔ EVN explosion relief valves are manufactured in a range
of sizes to suit most applications
✔ Uninterrupted operation after an explosion, reduced danger of fires
and subsequent explosions due to immediate resealing
✔ Virtually maintenance free
Flexibility – no need to design a plant with external components
or adjacent to external wall

Explosion relief valves are available in several material
combinations in order to meet your specific technical requirements.
The optional valve motion sensor and alternative o-ring materials
provide versatility across a range of applications.

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