PistonFire suppressor

The PistonFire suppressor consists of a pressurized suppressant storage cylinder and a valve body that contains a dust-ignition proof, weatherproof National Electrical Manufacture’s Association (“NEMA”) enclosure. The NEMA enclosure houses the actuating mechanism, pressure switch, pressure gauge, fill valve, OSHA supervisory switch, and field wiring connections. The NEMA enclosure is completely sealed via screw cover and an explosion-proof quick-disconnect connector for easy connection to field wiring. Upon detection of an incipient explosion, the suppressor receives an actuation signal. The actuating mechanism initiates the rapid release of the pressurized, dry-chemical suppressant into the protected area within milliseconds.

Competitive advantages include:

DOT, TC approved – pressurized and leak-tested at factory and shipped to site, vs. pressurizing and leak testing at customer facility

Monitored and interlocked low-pressure switch per latest version of NFPA 69

Non-explosive initiators, safe to handle (no ATF or UN restrictions)

OSHA lockout plate per latest version of NFPA 69

Nozzles can be inspected in-place (NFPA 69) vs. removal or vessel entry by other companies.

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