Dust Explosion Testing Services from IEP Technologies

Dust Explosion Testing and mitigation can reduce accidents around the world that kill hundreds and cause billions dollars in damages each year. However, these dust explosion accidents can be controlled and thereby limiting the potential for serious injuries or death, while reducing the damage to expensive process equipment.

Dust explosions happen during the conveying, processing, pulverizing and storage of a wide range of materials. Materials such as Aluminum, Cellulose, Charcoal, Corn, Flour, Fungicides, Grain, Milk Powders, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Resin, Starch, Sugar and others, under the right conditions, can and will explode.

To prevent or mitigate a hazardous condition from becoming an explosive event, IEP Technologies provides dust explosion testing and mitigation and a wide range of systems like a dust collector protection system. In a typical Dust Collector application an explosion venting system would contain the following basic components: Explosion Relief Vent Panel, Pressure Detector, Single Zone Control Panel, Isolation Extinguisher and a Rotary Gate Valve.

IEP Technologies is a leading provider of systems used to protect equipment and employees from explosions. With over 50 years of experience IEP Technologies detects and suppresses over 200 explosions per year at over 8,000 sites worldwide.

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