Overheat Detection

As many as half of all the reported fires in industrial processing environments are started due to overheat of electrical equipment

In addition to detecting sparks, the Atexon® sensor can also detect overheating in an electric motor. In the wood processing industry, as many as half of all fires start in the exhaust units of sawdust removal systems.

We have successfully used Atexon® overheat detection sensors to protect exhaust units of sawdust removal, rotary feeders, screw feeders, and entire machine tool units.

The detection speed required, the duration of usage and the surface area of the monitored equipment all affect the choice of the sensor to be applied.

The diverse range of industrial processes requires different temperature detection requirements. Atexon has a wide range of rod sensors and thermo cables that measure temperature in a pinpoint manner.

The Atexon® VR18Z spark detection and fire extinguishing system can support a variety of overheat detection sensors as listed above. Our protection experts will help you choose the right components for your specific application.

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