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Flame Detection

Atexon Flame detectors provide fast fire detection in open and highly illuminated spaces

The versatile detection capabilities of the Atexon® flame detectors make it possible to use them in challenging industrial environments. Flame detectors can be either stand-alone fire detectors, or part of a fire protection system such as a water mist extinguishing system. They can also be easily connected to the Atexon® VR18Z spark detection and extinguishing system.

Typical uses include production facilities, fuel depots, machinery, unloading ports of conveyors, recycling plants and heating plants.

The 3IR Detector provides high detection sensitivity and excellent interference tolerance even while operating in dirty or dusty environments

The Atexon 3IR flame detector measures three infrared frequency bands simultaneously. In addition, the device uses mathematical algorithms to measure the flame’s radiation peaks and flicker frequency to secure detection and avoid false alarms.

A three-band infrared flame detector also works well in challenging environments. It is the best choice for monitoring dusty areas.

  • Sensitive and fast

    Atexon® flame detectors are extremely sensitive. They can detect a flame the size of only 0.3 m² from as far away as 60 m. Versatile adjustability in, e.g., detection lag and sensitivity makes it possible to use Atexon® flame detectors also in places where traditional flame detectors would cause false alarms.

  • Versatile connections

    It is easy to integrate Atexon® flame detectors with, e.g., VR18Z spark detection system or with an already existing automation system. The versatile potential-free alarm relay outputs, Modbus and 4-20 mA power outlets make it possible to use the detectors in a wide range of industrial processes.

  • Extensive approvals

    Industrial environments are often dirty and dusty. There might be hazardous classified zones inside the production areas that require equipment that is approved according to most local or national regulations. Atexon flame detectors have international type approvals including ATEX, IECEx and FM.

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