Optimizing the amount of water used for local application fire extinguishing systems

Local application fire extinguishing systems are the first line of fire protection – and therefore required to efficiently extinguish fire threats – but too much water can cause other problems. Determining and applying the correct amount of water that is used for extinguishing the fire is very important.

Applications can range from a planer or board press in the Wood Processing industry to a biomass receiving station or hybrid burner in the Bioenergy industry. Local Application Fire Protection Systems are tailored to each process being protected and provide a much more targeted protection solution than fire systems protecting the entire plant.

Understanding the Local Application Extinguishing system design is key to system performance

The spray droplet size, the spraying angle of the nozzle, how the spray penetrates the material flow, the residence time of the spray and the speed of the operating valve are all important parameters in the design of a local application fire extinguishing system.

Atexon has compact extinguishing systems that can be readily integrated for different uses, with specific extinguishing solutions being tailor-made for our customer processes.

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