Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection

Bioenergy plants pose new kinds of challenges for fire protection

Bioenergy plants often store large amounts of flammable fuels making them challenging applications for fire protection.. For example, in pellet silos it can be very challenging to extinguish a fire with water due to the water absorption and consequent swelling of the fuel pellets

Bioenergy plants use Atexon protection by integrating different smoke and gas detection devices with spark detection systems. It is possible to configure an easy-to-use fire protection system with only one operating system and battery back-up.

In dusty silos, there are strict requirements for carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Hazardous zone classification creates challenges for equipment engineering. The gas that is being measured should have an unobstructed access into the electronics of the sensor, and the dust in the air should not interfere with the operation of the sensor. Atexon provided carbon monoxide detectors are ATEX-approved for Zone 20 with a wide temperature range allowing them to be used in severe weather conditions and also are approved under US (UL), Canadian (c-UL), South America (Inmetro) and International (IECEx) standards.

The carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are used for fire detection not only in silos but also in electrical facilities and cable tunnels.

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