Life Safety System Products Available from IEP Technologies

A Life Safety System is the application of technologies within a specific environment to help protect staff, employees and other personal from hazardous or life endangering areas of a production facility. Life Safety System configurations for explosion protection are offered by IEP Technologies.

IEP Technologies Life Safety System products are designed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of an explosion from causing injury or death, as well as protecting process equipment from damage. When it comes to handling potential explosions during product processing, there are three primary types of explosion prevention systems: Venting, Isolation and Suppression.


Any facility that handles, stores or processes flammable gasses, liquids or solids has an explosion risk. As a general rule, if a material can burn, under the right conditions it can and will explode. Selecting the right type of explosion protection system can make the difference.

Explosion Venting is just one of three basic system elements used for explosion protection. The other two are Isolation and Suppression. When product can not be released safely into the environment, a process vessel is located within 3 meters of building perimeter, or when an explosion can not be vented in a safe area a Suppression system is required. When there is the possibility that a fireball could spread to other buildings or process vessels though interconnecting pipework, an Isolation system is required.

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