Flameless Vent Explosion Protection Systems from IEP Technologies

Flameless Vent Explosion Protection Systems from IEP Technologies offer a wide range of solutions for applications that require either indoor or outdoor explosion relief venting. IEP Technologies now offer the REMBE® line of flameless vents: models Q-Rohr®-3 and Q-Box. With these additions, IEP Technologies has greatly expanded its explosion protection capabilities.

The Q-Rohr®-3 and Q-Box flameless vents are high capacity systems that decrease the immense energy during a dust explosion. The bursting disc, burst sensor, gasket and transformer isolation barriers are integral components that make up each flameless vent explosion protection system.

When an explosion occurs, the bursting disc ruptures and directs the vented explosion in a controlled manner into the flameless vent chamber. There the flame is arrested, and gasses are cooled as they pass through the stainless steel mess. The integrated electronic control panel keeps plant personnel informed of the status of the systems. The specially developed stainless steel mesh does not allow any dust (burnt or not) to pass through the Q-Rohr®-3 flameless vents. A sanitary cover is available for both types of flameless vent explosion protection systems to avoid dust deposits on the units.

Advantages of the Q-Rohr®-3 and Q-Box Flameless Vent Explosion Protection SystemsProven design provides fast, reliable operation

  • Suitable for venting applications where use of vent duct is not practical or feasible
  • Eliminates flame emissions
  • Substantially reduces both the pressure and the thermal energy of the explosion
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Easy and quick installation

Flameless Vent Explosion Protection Systems are designed in accordance with the NFPA 68 Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting. Information required for proper product selection includes: volume of enclosure to be protected, process temperature and temperature ranges, details of material(s) processed, and the required reduced explosion pressure.

Consult with IEP Technologies staff of technical designers for assistance in selecting the proper Flameless Vent Explosion Protection Systems for your specific applications.

REMBE and Q-Rohr are registered trademarks of Rembe, Inc.

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