Explosion Vent Systems Protect Process and Personnel

Explosion Vent Systems are designed to minimize damage to process vessels, ducts, and other industrial structures, in the event of a deflagration involving combustible materials. These explosion vent panels are designed to ruptures at a predetermined pressure, to allow the fireball and explosive pressure to vent into a safe area.

IEP Technologies Explosion Vent Systems employ explosion vent panels that are designed for fast, reliable operation. Vent panels are available in a full range of size, configurations and pressure ratings. Depending on the specific application, explosion vent panels are available in flat, multi-layer and domed formats to provide the right venting protection.

These explosion vent systems are economical to install. They are highly efficient vents that fit into walls of a process volume. They are available in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials to ensure fast, reliable operation in an explosion situation. Typically, vents are installed in conjunction with a complete IEP Technologies system.

In a typical Dust Collector application an explosion vent system would contain the following basic components: Explosion Relief Vent Panel, Pressure Detector, Single Zone Control Panel, Isolation Extinguisher and a Rotary Gate Valve.


Any facility that handles, stores or processes flammable gasses, liquids or solids has an explosion risk. As a general rule, if a material can burn, under the right conditions it can and will explode. Selecting the right type of explosion protection system can make the difference.

Explosion Venting is just one of three basic system elements used for explosion protection. The other two are Isolation and Suppression. When product can not be released safely into the environment, a process vessel is located within 3 meters of building perimeter, or when an explosion can not be vented in a safe area a Suppression system is required. When there is the possibility that a fireball could spread to other buildings or process vessels though interconnecting pipework, an Isolation system is required.

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