Explosion Suppression Solutions available from IEP Technologies

Explosion Suppression solutions from IEP Technologies are available for Spray Drying Systems, Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers, Flash Dryers, Milling Systems, Cyclone Separators, Dust Collectors, and other process systems. IEP Technologies provides complete systems for protecting the process and personnel.

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  • Explosionsunterdrückung von IEP Technologies. Lösungen für:
  • Sprühtrockner/Spray Drier
  • Fließbetttrockner/Fluid Bed Drier
  • Flash Trockner/Flash Drier
  • Ringtrockner/Ring Drier
  • Mühle/Mill
  • Zyklon/Cyclone
  • Entstaubungsfilter/Dust collector

IEP Technologies bietet Komplettsysteme für den Schutz der Mitarbeiter und Produktionsanlagen

Explosion Suppression Solutions

Spray Drying Systems – Explosion suppression systems are needed in spray drying applications as they represent a huge volume of potentially explosive materials. Although the material enters the dryer as a wet spray it dries quickly to become more sensitive to ignition. This ignition can be provided by incoming burning particles from a gas or oil fired heater when may reach temperatures as high as 500 degrees.

Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers – In this type of process the material being handled is combustible, The dust that is generated is likely to be explosive. Ignition sources include burning particles from upstream equipment such as other dryers, or material building up in the process at the internal weir can also auto-ignite providing the ignition for an explosion. This type of process requires an explosion suppression system.

Flash Dryers – An explosion suppression system is required if the material being processed is combustible, and the dust that is generated from the drying process is likely to be explosive. In a flash dryer the material becomes more sensitive to ignition as is passes down the dryer and loses moisture. At this point during the process even static discharge can ignite the dust.

Milling Systems –
Milling systems present a special hazard and the need for explosion suppression. Not only do they produce fine materials, their moving parts and the energy created during the process produces a potential for ignition. In addition, foreign materials in the feed system can cause impact sparks.

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