Explosion Detector Products from IEP Technologies

An Explosion Detector is one element in a complete explosion protection system. IEP Technologies offers a wide range of detectors using the latest detection technology for the quickest response times for flame, pressure and spark detection.

Depending on the process application and the type of gases or solids being run in the process will determine the type of explosion detector required in an explosion protection system.

Explosion Detector Products

Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detector – The UV product detects ultraviolet radiation emitted from a flame in 20-50 milliseconds. This product is blind to solar radiation, hot objects, and non-UV emitting artificial light.

UVIR Flame Detector – The UVIR product detects in 20 milliseconds ultraviolet and infrared light emitted from a flame source. The UVIR detector requires the detection of both UV and IR before generating an alarm output.

IR-13 Infrared Flame and Spark Detector – This detector is used for the detection of flames and sparks in closed systems such as ducts, pneumatic transport pipes and conveying lines. Response rate for this detector is <1 millisecond without relay output and <4 milliseconds with relay output.

Static Explosion Pressure Detector – This detector is a low inertia detector that incorporates a highly sensitive stainless steel diaphragm providing a millisecond response time. The field adjustable design of this detector allows custom pressure settings from 0.25 psig to 5.0 psig.

MEX-3 Dynamic Explosion Detector – The MEX-3 detector and associated FAB-3 field programmable connection box are designed for demanding explosion protection applications requiring state-of-the-art rate of rise pressure sensing. Rate of pressure rise sending differentiates between an actual explosion and slow process pressure excursions.

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